Early Speech In Kids Is Often Celebrated By Parents, But Should It Be?

Early Speech In Kids Is Often Celebrated By Parents, But Should It Be?

This is a big stepping stone that parents look forward to in the development process of their children.  Unfortunately, if certain other stepping stones are not reached first can mean there can be developmental delays that they experience during childhood and in to life as an adult.  These delays can look like poor coordination, poor socializations skills with peers and poor receptive auditory cognition to name a few common problems.  Several reasons this can happen are related to physical stress, chemical stress and/or emotional stress.

Stressors On A Child Explained By Denver Chiropractor

These stresses depending on when the child is exposed can alter the developmental trajectory of the brain and can even cause regression of development.  These types of stress change how the brain receives signals from the body and can also change how the brain processes this information that then changes the output of information that goes back to the body.  This can lead to the development of sensory processing disorders.  In our Denver Chiropractic office the care we provide helps the body unwind from stresses and helps the body to become more adaptable to its environment.  This video helps to provide some clarity on this brain development trajectory.


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