Should be Asked Questions in Denver

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about chiropractors in Denver. Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you pick the best chiropractor in Denver for you. If we didn't cover a question you may have, give Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic a call at (303) 399-3569 and we will be more than happy to help answer your question.

Do adjustments hurt?

The simple answer is they should not hurt. We utilize a variety of adjustment methods depending on our patient's unique qualities!

What is the popping sound?

Some adjustments don’t even have a pop, but when they do happen it is built-up gas which is in the fluid in the joints that escapes that causes the popping sound. The popping sound is not indicative of a good or bad adjustment, it is only a side effect at times.

How can you help me?

That depends on what you are dealing with and the concerns that you have. We can give dietary advice, ergonomic advice, exercise therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. Depending on your unique situation we create a road map to get you to where you want to be.

Do you have a plan for me?

Yes, we are detailed with each individual and go over a plan for you after we gather the needed information from the tests that are needed for your case.

Will you listen to me?

Yes, we give you plenty of opportunities to fill us in on your concerns, hopes, expectations, and goals to get you the results you deserve.

Will you lead me?

Yes, we will have a plan for you and make sure you are following along with what you are supposed to be doing.

What type of technology do you use?

This depends on what you're dealing with, but most people will receive a detailed nerve scan to tell us how well your brain is able to get healthy nerve signals to your body.

Once I go to a chiropractor do I need to go forever?

This is a great question, but no you do not need to go for the rest of your life. However, many people notice how much better they are feeling and performing that they want to continue their care to keep their body performing it’s best.

How long will it take to get better?

This depends on how long you have had the problem and how severe the problem is. In the acute pain stage, relief can take a matter of days to possibly a month or more. To address the underlying issue for problems that have been present for months or years, it can easily take several months or more.

How much will it cost?

We do have a discount plan for those who have high deductibles or co-pays. In general new patients, costs are vary depending on the nature of what you are dealing with, but most would be $95 but could be as high as $550. You will know before your appointment how much you will be paying. Standard office visits are between $65-95 depending on what is needed in your particular case. Equipment if needed will be discussed before given.

Does my insurance cover my treatment?

Some insurance does cover treatment costs, but it is usually not complete coverage unless it is workman’s compensation insurance or auto insurance. If you have health insurance and would like to know how it may help you we are happy to check and let you know how it will apply to your needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a doctor that specializes in the spinal column and more importantly the way the nerve signals move from the brain to your body and back from the body to the brain.  They help optimize the body’s ability to heal.

What is chiropractic care?

A chiropractor works with nervous system to train it to work the best it can for the patient.  This often helps neck pain, whiplash, back pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, fatigue and stress.  Chiropractic care helps your body be the best it can be.

Are chiropractors doctors?

A chiropractor has studied for 4 years of college course work before enrolling in a chiropractic college.  At the conclusion of a 4 year doctorate degree at the chiropractic college the individual doctor graduates as a doctor of chiropractic.  The doctor of chiropractic actually has 4,800 hours which is more educational/clinical hours than a medical doctor 4,600.

What is the history of chiropractic care?

The first documented chiropractic adjustment was performed in 1895.  This particular patient was deaf and he regained his hearing.

Does chiropractic work?

There are numerous studies that show that chiropractic is helpful.  According to Harvard Medical School “you shouldn’t try to diagnose your own back pain, make a call to a professional such as a…chiropractor.”  Treatment guidelines have been developed for chiropractic care, to treat spinal pain this example is for chiropractic care following a auto accident for a spinal injury.  Chiropractic care can help many conditions such as neck pain, whiplash, headaches, migraines, back pain, numbness, tingling, fatigue, stress and many other conditions


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