Signs Of A Leaky Gut in Denver

Signs Of A Leaky Gut in Denver

The more common signs of leaky gut in Denver are: bloating, gas, cramps, food allergies and sensitivities, IBD/IBS, hormonal issues (PMS, PCOS), Thyroid problems, skin conditions.  Leaky gut can lead to: autoimmune reactions, allergies, brain inflammation and leaky brain.  Here are some signs of leaky brain: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog, mood issues (anxiety, depression, ADHD), neurodevelopmental issues and autoimmune diseases.

Why You Could Be Having Leaky Gut in Denver CO

Stresses from physical, chemical and emotional affect the gut and brain function and the vagus nerve is a huge player in these affects.  These stresses can put your body into a dominant sympathetic state, which is the fight, flight or freeze and not in healing, resting and digesting side of the nervous system.  The vagus nerve is critical to having optimal health, make sure you know how your nervous system is balanced!

Studies have been done to implant devices to stimulate vagus nerve, researchers see how important this is.  But there are ways that you can stimulate vagus nerve without surgical intervention.  This is the focus of what we do in our community office, call Lifetime Wellness & Chiropractic in Denver to find out more.


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